Children and youth in a digital world

Youth Advisory Council

In September 2022, the IPC issued a call to Ontario youth, inviting them to join the IPC’s new Youth Advisory Council.

Our goal was to bring together a group of young people from different communities across the province, with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and outlooks, to share their views about digital literacy, access, and privacy rights in Ontario.

This group of highly-engaged youth will help the IPC develop education and outreach materials that are even more relevant to young people. Their work over the coming years will help us guide the next generation through the opportunities and risks of the online world. By broadening the conversation and engaging young people with a seat at the table, we can learn from them and enhance our efforts to make the digital world a better place for future generations.

IPC on instagram

After careful deliberation, in 2022, the IPC launched an Instagram account to connect with Ontario’s children and youth. Our objective is to teach them about privacy risks and how to protect themselves online. Our account, @IPC.Ontario, is a trusted online space where young people can get useful and age-appropriate tips on how to protect their privacy online and access their records from a government institution, health care provider or children’s aid society.

The account features eye-catching, bite-sized content. For example, Halloween-themed posts warned about some of the “privacy monsters” lurking in the digital world and Santa’s little helpers offered kids helpful tips on privacy settings for their new electronic games and toys. Colourful characters, infographics, and whiteboard videos make learning fun and easy.

Privacy Pursuit! Lesson Plans

Throughout 2022, the IPC worked with MediaSmarts, Canada’s Centre for Digital Literacy, to develop lesson plans for teachers, parents and caregivers building on the critical messages contained in Privacy Pursuit! Games and Activities for Kids.

The carefully designed lesson plans, aimed at grades two through eight, will be released in time for the 2023-24 academic year. They are intended to provide Ontario’s educators with practical methods for teaching young people about important concepts related to digital safety. These include how to use, strengthen, and protect passwords, limit what information they share online, avoid online scams, and protect themselves against cyber threats. They also contain critical lessons to help kids develop privacy empathy and learn how to respect the privacy of others.