Maintaining Ontarians’ confidence in the organizational excellence of the IPC

Maintaining Ontarians’ confidence in the organizational excellence of the IPC

In 2022, we addressed the findings of our 2021 threat risk assessments by implementing key IT upgrades and cyber security enhancements. We launched a new online appeal service, allowing Ontarians to securely file and pay for their appeals electronically. We implemented a corporate wireless network to enable greater in-office mobility and inter-departmental collaboration between IPC employees. We launched a pilot for a new Office 365 solution and prepared the necessary groundwork to securely move IPC’s information holdings to the cloud. In 2023, we will continue to enhance our digital services with a project to implement a new IPC website built on modern technologies, featuring greater potential for interactivity and an improved user experience.

IPC as an employer of choice

Throughout 2022, the IPC slowly and gradually returned staff to the office for certain in-person activities. We worked towards an eventual hybrid work model, which evolved over three phases, beginning with those activities that staff felt would be best carried out in person to promote greater employee collaboration, cohesion, and sense of community. Each phase built upon the previous one, incorporating staff feedback while ensuring support for the effective delivery of our mandate and offering flexibility for employees. The IPC will implement its permanent hybrid work arrangements in spring 2023, that will balance in-office business and operational requirements, while providing staff with flexible work-from-home arrangements and quality work-life balance.

As part of our employee engagement efforts, the IPC launched both a formal and informal employee recognition program to celebrate significant milestone achievements and to express particular appreciation for employees and teams who best exemplify IPC values.

In 2022, the IPC also established a new IPC Champion program, comprising individuals and teams among our ranks who volunteered to actively promote bilingualism; community giving; health and wellness; inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility. In addition, the IPC re-established and reconfigured its Joint Health and Safety Committee, Social Committee, Equity and Accessibility Committee, Green Committee, and Learning Committee. These staff-led initiatives provide new leadership and learning opportunities, help spark creative and innovative ideas, promote a shared spirit of collaboration, and foster a sense of purpose and camaraderie that bring out the best of IPC.

We also developed a virtual suggestion box to allow employees a safe space to provide anonymous, unsolicited feedback to senior management. Ongoing and constructive input from our staff on how we can continually improve as an organization will help build the IPC’s potential and reputation as an employer of choice.